I’v viewed all the things in the room
at least a hundred times,
I have counted the books in the bookcase and all the fluff on my blanket,
and it takes at least sixteen counts before someone comes to me when I call. .
But tomorrow, when I’m feeling better…

A poetic story about everything you can do, when you are no longer sick and have to stay in bed. Written by Floortje Schoevaart, who has been a writer for Sesame Street for many years. In addition, Floortje is the winner of the Willem Wilmink prize for the best children’s song of 2014.

The illustrations were made by visual artist, writer and illustrator Sandra de Weijze. Not only does she make free work, but she also draws and writes commissions on, for example, picture books and visual poems. In Sandra’s work, the pleasure of fantasy and association comes first. By using the combination of text and image, her illustrations form a rhythmic whole.

Author: Floortje Schoevaart
Illustrator: Sandra de Weijze

Theme: get well soon
Category: young
Number in serie: 10

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