Sustainable eco printing

Loopvis stands for a sustainable approach. For example, BioBudget is full of useful tips, cheerful illustrations and an enormous number of recipes. All around the question of how you can eat affordable organic food. Also it containes lots of recipes with left overs.

But what makes a publisher sustainable? “For the printed matter, for example, I work together with Henk Tienkamp from Groningen,” says publisher Marije Sietsma. “Print localy in the Netherlands does not only saves a lot of kilometers in transport, he is also one of the few printers who prints with waterless offset technology, FSC-certified paper and vegetable inks. This is much better for the enviroment than regular printing. And just as important: the colors and details are also extremely beautiful. “

But that’s not everything. For example, rejected printed sheets are used to package the books and we deliver orders in as much as possible by bicycle. “And after photo shoots we just eat the photographed food instead of throwing it away.”

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